Chat Feature Selling Room Game Rules

For all of you on if you have not discovered the chat room yet you are sorely missing out on meeting some great artists and crafters. One room you will commonly see up for at least 18 hours a day is called the "5 Min FS Room." Normally you receive a few questions a day on what "FS" stands for and how to play the game which is why I decided to write this post about it.


Game Length: 5 mins
FS: The current "Feature Seller" for the 5 mins
Number of Players to Start: 10 Sellers/Buyers
Purpose: Make sales and buy from others. It is a promotion based room that gives incentives to buyers to purchase from the FS. By doing this, the first to buy is the next FS for 5 minutes and so on.

Breakdown of Rules:

There is only one shop at a time featured during this 5 min round. No other shops are allowed to openly promote during the FS turn. A moderator also commonly referred to as a "mod" will post the beginning of time for the FS for 5 mins. During that time, other sellers/buyers in chat post the items from the current FS shop to help promote them. (to post pictures just copy and paste the item number from the listing URL bar.) The current FS than posts any discounts/offers/promos/sales that they are currently having. During this time is when you would shop, purchase, and pay for your items. When the "mod" calls time that means the session or round has ended. The FS seller than checks for sales and posts the last sale to the first one. The first buyer who was the one to purchase is the person that holds the next FS spot. The last FS who had just went would than take over the role of "mod" and time their session.


What is there are no sales that FS round? 

If the FS had no sales after their 5 minutes had ended than a second buyer from a previous round is picked to go. If there are no other buyers from earlier sessions or none are present than that FS can pick whoever they want freely or conduct a trivia question. Trivia is a simple question and answer quiz. It is important that the FS announces what their decision would be to ensure that the other are prepared for the trivia session. The question should be CAPITALIZED to ensure that all others in the room can see it. The first seller in room to answer the question correct is the next FS. The FS would announce everyone to STOP the answering once the correct answer is posted. It is highly recommended and required that the trivia question be a question based on a clear cut answer. Asking your age is not acceptable, favorite color, date of birth if not available in profile, or anything that can create confusion and lag within the chat room. Questions can be on any topic you desire, shop based about your shop, or even picture based trivia.


  • Don't whisper answers to your trivia question to others ahead of time
  • No begging for a turn in open chat or whispering
  • No self promoting during a FS round
  • No posting of any other shop but the current FS during their round
  • No not neglect your Mod duties for the next FS when your round has ended unless you have someone to cover you
  • Don't announce ahead of time if you purchased during that FS round. It is only up to the current FS to post their sales and who the buyers were
  • Don't forget and dis-acknowledge 2nd, 3rd, 4th buyers regardless. This goes against the very essence of the room and its intent to acknowledge buyers and incentives to maximum the ability of sales for the FS

If anything was left out please let me know so I can revise and add on to the FS Game Rules. Please oblige by the rules of room at all times, have fun, happy shopping, and happy selling.